Wounded Soldier – a poem by studentasim

Wounded Soldier - a poem by studentasim

Clear my throat

This is heavy
Cuz I walk around
50 50
Half right
Half wrong
Half fight
Half flight
I’m a Wounded Soldier
The apologetic attitude
Seeps everywhere
My name
My speech
My game
Nothings changed
Everything I do
Is checked
Central Command doesn’t like Me to get out of the Jungle
Oh they know who I am
I’m on the list
But I’m a small time deal
Nothing too much to worry about
Because they know
I’m a Wounded Soldier
Until one day
When I decided I wasn’t going to be Wounded no more
That day
Was that day I decided to remember and embrace my decision
It wasn’t for better or worse
It just was
It was the day I decided not to Apologize
That day
How can I forget?
That error
That error
But NO
Where have I bin?
I know where I’m going
In the name of God
I will tell the tale
I lived through it
Wounded Soldier…

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