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Ineffective – a poem by studentasim

Ineffective - a poem by studentasim

Ineffective myself my health my youth

Process – studentasim

Process - studentasim

Life is your teacher Think It was always about Process As the train leaves On it is something you own The difference is a flash of a second Why do you feel restricted? Did you get back what was yours? It could be gone forever Think It was always about Process…

Khadijah goes to School – About

Khadijah goes to School Book Cover

helping yourself and helping other people™ A powerful and unforgettable experience. Khadijah goes to School is about Ideas that Matter.  Order Now. Khadijah goes to School is an ambassador for: Making Ideas social/”present” Society/Human Progress/Social Justice Literacy and Education “Critical” Dialogue/Discussion and “Point of View” Purpose Creative Thought/Critical Thinking/Asking Questions/Deconstruction of Ideas Facing fear (challenging Anxiety) [...]

The MURDER of CIVILIANS – A poem by studentasim

The MURDER of CIVILIANS by studentasim

RELIGION makes us DIFFERENT, Yet isn’t that OK? The differences that we have, Is what makes us PRAY. Whether there is GOD, Or whether YOU think there isn’t. We have our BELIEFS, The sun has still risen. The MURDER of CIVILIANS Can never be the MISSION. My FAITH does not BLIND me, Neither does my [...]