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  1. Samaha Imamovic says:

    I found Khadijah goes to School to be a whimsical book that has captivated me and my children. Its’ pages are adorned with precious drawings, poetry, prose, life-lessons, and humanity. Cleverly subtitled “A story about you…” the books depth is disguised in cute simplicity and will have children and adults finding new meaning in each reading. Although it is a timeless piece for any children’s collection, this book has become quite a conversation piece in our home; it has earned its’ spot on the living room coffee table.

    Samaha Imamovic

  2. Jose Santos says:

    This book is really informative, and not just about 1 topic. You got to look around, there’s pieces everywhere. The book talks to you, very informative, it reaches you.

  3. Yinka B. George says:

    This is a truly inspirational book, that leaves you wanting to know more.. Reminds you that you do not stop learning no matter how old you are.
    It is very well written and it has dared to break the bounds of the norm, not to be considered as a children’s book but a book for everyone. A powerful strong statement that leaves you in craze of words with true meanings.
    I do hope to see it in the shelves of many libraries all around the world.

  4. ashley says:

    The book is a story geared towards people of all ages- children and adults. It is showcased in a creative way with simple, yet very deep messages. Every reader can take away a message from this book depending on how it’s interpreted; a great way for all readers to start a conversation with each other about helping others, school, life, and yourself. Congratulations to Asim for the successful publication and putting in so much effort, it truly shows!

  5. Liz, Mississauga, ON says:

    Congratulations on a cool and useful book! Very creative, colourful and informative! Love the poems and extras which accompany the story. Lots of food for thought.

  6. This book is vibrant and the author has gone to great lengths to impart values to all readers.

  7. This book looks like a children’s book but it’s really a book for everyone. The theme of Helping Yourself to Help Other People is universal and applicable for all ages. Khadijah Goes to School provides a foundation for our youth in particular to embrace through education a way to give back. It’s informative, whimsical, and vibrant. A great dialogue starter for young and old alike. We need to spread the word about this book! Kudos to the author, Asim Hussain on writing KGTS as a platform to engage all learners.

  8. Victor says:

    Bravo, your book is like a tool! Useful.

  9. Dilawar Alvi says:

    Congrats on the book. I finished reading your new book and I must say that it grows on you. It is very well written. I wish you success. Good job!

  10. Aamer Razzaq says:

    This is a great book intended for all audiences. It’s a terrific piece of work and everyone can learn something from it. I liked the colorful art and the way the story line progressed. The meaning of words in different languages is also unique and interesting. The author has done a great job considering it’s his very first book.

  11. Julia Le says:

    I enjoyed the book because it is relatable and you can read it multiple times and continue to learn something new. It also has a strong positive message.

  12. Kamal Syed says:

    Khadijah goes to School is a wonderful debut from Asim Hussain. While at first glance, it looks like a typical children’s book, there are many layers of meaning and narrative that works at multiple levels to appeal to children and adults of all ages. A great resource to explore both childhood fears and adult attitudes with your children.

    The use of a stylized child-like drawing method adds a note of simplicity that cleverly masks hidden details that reward the careful reader, and reveals something new at each reading.

    I look forward to seeing the series develop further in the future.


  13. Deanne Peterson says:

    I shared the Khadijah goes to School with my co-workers also, they thought it was very thought provoking, and deep. I felt the same. I appreciate that you incorporated children’s drawings into the book, great talent.

    To begin, the book reads in the opposite direction as I am used to, so that was a unique feature. I liked the way the type was used as part of the whole page, part of the art. It reminded me of the unconventional use of type like in the Bauhaus style of design, buy looser, less strict. Playfully, pulling the eye around the page, it keeps your attention there longer to see what else is going on. I like the page full of the different language’s, it is humbling to see that I only knew a few of them. The binary made me laugh. (I have recently begun learning German on my own, the more you know the more you realize how little you do not know!)

    Your book teaches a great lesson, learning and giving. The rewards of that are one and in itself.

    Thank you again for sharing your talents with me, and the world. Knowledge is the best key!!

  14. ZS says:

    In some ways the job of a reader is very easy: to read, understand and criticize. While we may read and criticize, we might not be able to fully comprehend the author’s view. And sometimes that’s caused by the choice of words or depiction in the book – Not in this book though. The author of this book has done an amazing job in making us THINK! One can’t help but ask the question “Why?” right from the beginning. For example, Why does the book start from right to left?

    If you want to learn then I highly recommend any adult or child to pick up this book as it will leave a lasting impression on your perspective of your life. Kudos to the author for such a great gift!

  15. A great book! I had the pleasure of assisting Asim with setting up the layouts for the book, and saw first hand the depth and creativity that went into every single aspect of the book. The story is simple on the outside, but deep in meaning if examined closely. A beneficial book for the young and the old!

  16. Jo Lalonde says:

    Khadijah Goes To School is a very relatable story about a young girl feeling upset about going to a new school. This is a beautiful book that focuses on the importance of reading and learning, with tonnes of little details that you will keep discovering. I could see parents taking away valuable lessons as well as children!

    I particularly liked the multi-cultural element of the book- Anyone can relate to this book, but not every child in North America knows a girl who wears the hijab that they can relate to. There are so many elements in this book that will start greater discussion, from how you feel about school, to what you personally imagine pink monkeys will be like! Also, many children are not exposed to right-to-left books, I liked how even that feature could be used to teach about worldwide differences and similarities.

  17. OMG i read ur book its AMAZING!!! :) i really liked it, its srsly makes u think alot mashaALLAH nicely written i luv the READ page. May Allah bless you will be looking forward to read more of ur books.. JazakALLAH khayr for putting it on the app store :) srsly a must read will spread the word abt it more now tht i’ve read it myself :)

  18. GREAT video & GREAT book A! I enjoyed the energy & message you have shared in your highly unique and spiritual book ♥ I wish you much success in getting it in the schools. Looking forward to following your progress!

  19. A.Syed says:

    As a homeschooling mother of five children, I can see the value of the book ‘Khadijah Goes to School’ as a valuable teaching thinking tool. It helps kids to learn critical thinking skills and to ask questions, leading to a better sense of awareness of themselves and others around them. The kid-friendly pictures and creative graphics hold a child’s attention and keep them engaged in the book. But most of all, the positive intention of the book’s author, mainly to bring people together in understanding and tolerance, shine through the words and pictures of the book, making ‘Khadijah Goes to School’ a must-have for any parent today!
    - A. Syed

  20. Hans Kopp says:

    I liked it and I will also give my copy to the school or maybe a nearby school that is in the “poor” zone of Oakville. Carol, my wife also liked it. Even before I read the book, because I knew that it was meant be read from back to front, I wanted to buy it and give it to a local school in Oakville which is very multicultural.

  21. Susan Winlaw says:

    You’ve got a great product here Asim. Congratulations on it. I hope all parents and educators in my friend list will check out this very special book by my friend and fellow artist Asim Hussain. His book deserves to be read by every adult and to be in every school library. We are all different. We are all the same. I highly recommend this book. S>

  22. Sandra Clarke says:

    The kids in my program LOVE this book!

  23. My wife is a homeschool teacher and she endorses and supports Khadijah goes to School.

  24. Mary M. says:

    Hi Asim – A very creative way to address universal themes. Thanks.

  25. David G. says:

    Nice meeting today Asim. I wanted to give you a proud and warm congratulations for the release of your book. We are about globalization, we need to be reminded and educated of that and our capabilities to provide a positive contribution to the world.

  26. Zeeshan Z. says:

    Really creative. I think everyone should read it cuz they’ll learn about themselves from it.

  27. Judy Giraldi says:

    From the moment Khadijah Goes to School was placed in my hand I immediately learned there is so much I have yet to learn. It is beautifully written and illustrated and really gives the reader pause for thought. I gave a copy to my 10 year old granddaughter for her birthday. It is a book that adults and children will enjoy. It is and of itself a great conversation piece. I will make sure ALL the special people in my life have a copy…especially my friend in Sweden! Asim your journey HAS begun and I look forward to what’s to come.

  28. Sharron Kuleshnyk says:

    Sweet, poignant, wonderfully written and illustrated; this book has been created in a format a child will understand and yet remind adults of their inner child.
    Copies of this book will be a gift to my grandchildren.
    Looking forward to your next book. Good luck Asim!
    Sharron K

  29. Not just another children’s book. You will find yourself searching deep within “the Self” with its beautiful poetry and whimsical illustrations. I know I did

  30. Mary Ali says:

    It’s almost Ramadan and this book makes an awesome gift. Also great to give to teachers, caregivers and non muslim friends. It bridges gaps and is a great conversation builder and educational tool. You will be amazed at what you get from what appears to be just a story about a kid who changes school at first glance.

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