Resource page for Khadijah goes to School – A story about You…


How can you use the book? (A formal guide will be available at some point but you can get started now!)

Khadijah goes to School is also a resource. It has over 20 questions towards the end of the book. Some examples of how to use Khadijah goes to School:

Primary – K

• Use site words for discussion: What does Help mean? How do you say READ in your language – Read scene in the book has 220 languages that say Read! (Some words can be inferenced to say Read, from “Study”) (attached) Write a little book. i.e. 5 pages long with pictures and use site words. Why should one Read? How can you Help others? What does Help mean to you?

Grade 1 – Grade 5
• Themes for discussion: What is helping others mean? What is Contribution(to yourself and others) vs. bullying others? Have you ever thought about writing a book? If so, what would you write about? Discuss “The Secret of Life” – to Read. Write a short story.  Learn about publishing a book in your country. What does “Be Yourself” mean?  What is courage?  Write a short story on courage.  Draw pictures of courage.  How do you develop courage?

Grade 6 – 12

• Themes for discussion/activities: Write a poem that is only 3 lines long but says more (less is more) If there is at least one thing in your life that you want to do, what is it?  What are you going to do about it?  What is life? Write an essay on it. What does Education mean to you? Write an essay: What would I do if I was suddenly told I do not have a job anymore. (you have a mortgage and a family at this point) . What does it mean to have a purpose? Define your purpose. What is courage? How do you develop it? Read School for Fools, an essay by studentasim,Read Education means you help yourself, an essay by studentasim If you had to save the world, how would you? If you had to save yourself, how would you? What is problem solving? Design a school curriculum, what subjects should your students learn? What are the top 10 things you have learned from school, and be honest?

Adults (everyone)
• Themes for discussion/investigation: What does it mean to Be Yourself? Define Yourself? Learn about Yourself? What is Human Potential? How do I achieve my potential? What is Self-Esteem, “how do I respect myself?”  “How do I begin to become organized?”  “Why am I important?” What is Contribution? What is Self-Awareness? What is Time Management?  “Why should I manage my Time?”  Is there a Mind Body Soul connection? What does it mean to be Educated? Why is labelling someone in one way improper? “Do I know what I know? OR do I have to step back and assess what I know? Perhaps un-learn what I have learned, to learn something else.”  “How can I improve right now? I am a somebody, my Contribution to myself matters. What are steps I can take to learn I have more potential, and then execute on bringing that out. What is courage? How do I develop it?”