Sweet Poison – studentasim

Sweet Poison - studentasim

You see that other person in that scenario?

Work – studentasim

Work! -studentasim


2nd class – studentasim

2nd-class - studentasim

2nd class

Brand New Kid – studentasim

Brand New Kid - studentasim

Stop it!

I want to score – studentasim

I want to score - studentasim

If you want to score

World Class – studentasim

World Class - studentasim

Do you want to be good?
Or do you want to be World Class?

I Sinned – studentasim

I Sinned by studentasim

I sinned

The Struggle – studentasim

The Struggle - studentasim

I promise I’ll Struggle

Landmark Deal signed between the OLA and studentasim

Contract signed between the OLA and studentasim

Mar. 2013, Toronto – A deal has been signed between studentasim and the Ontario Library Association (the OLA) to bring his work to the Canadian market place.  

The Ontario Library Association is the oldest and largest library association in Canada. It is central to the procurement of many libraries in Ontario and Canada, in addition to educational circles like schools.

Two items are now available through the OLA store:  Khadijah goes to School – A story about You… (Read the reviews) and The Champion for Life™, a unique social awareness Idea, currently as a 3 foot by 2 foot poster, presented through 300 languages and additional symbols to create a lasting impression of developing “The Self” and helping others.

The Champion for Life™ had its Canadian debut at the OLA Super Conference in January 2013.  It was also recently presented at the largest Literacy Conference in the country, Reading for the Love of It through the OLA.

“I’m really excited about partnering with the OLA.  This is an excellent opportunity to share my work with a wider audience and bring something unique to the fore,” says studentasim.

Khadijah goes to School has enjoyed excellent reviews to date.  His new release, The Champion for Life™ has caused interest and a number of schools in the Toronto area are now using this Awareness (Literacy) poster.

Purchase The Champion for Life™ through the OLA

Purchase Khadijah goes to School through the OLA

LATE – studentasim