Education means you help yourself…by Asim Hussain


Education should be practical and I believe it means you help yourself. Our whole lives are about how we go about doing “things”, and this know-how comes from education, the information we have acquired. Education allows us to do anything that we do, and it is only with education. Education is everything. Education is not just one thing or another thing full stop and definitively. Education is information. Education needs to be applied, education means you help yourself.

Education is not just a degree on your wall full stop. A degree is just one form of education. Likewise, having street knowledge or social knowledge is just another form of education. Long before that degree (for those of us who have degrees) hung so elegantly over our receptionist’s desks, or in our bedrooms or offices, we were acquiring education, every single day. Education is everything we experience, and a lot of it happens outside of any formal institution. In fact, it is the fact that we lived our whole lives up to the point of “being educated” in a higher learning institution that allowed you and I to be educated in a higher learning institution, it’s that basis which is fundamental. Likewise, when you leave school, you have your whole life to live, and ultimately whatever you know and whatever you learn, will be needed to take the steps of life.

Quite a few students like I, thought they were done learning after they graduated. This was not an accurate judgement. This is untrue. No one is just “set” or “has it made.” Education is a struggle, often times it doesn’t come quickly or easily, education is constant, it’s all the time, every day. It can actually be eye opening to realize how much you don’t know.

Even if you don’t go to school, you are educated. It’s laughable to think that some “institution” out there could hijack the word “educated” and if you only have some kind of “qualification,” you are a somebody, you are “educated.” Unfortunately, there is a serious societal stigma associated with not going to “school.” This leads some “educated” people to think those that did not go to school are “uneducated.” I believe there are certain designations that you just need to have, and this requires specialized training from a school, i.e. being a chartered accountant. Even that though, requires real life experience to become good afterwards. To not have a paper on your wall, can be severely psychologically damaging to a person because society tells you you’re no good – “you don’t got the paper man!”. This can be absolutely arresting because people can lose hope.

It is very critical to believe you can make it with what you have, because what you have is already a lot! Know you have a starting point, know you can build upon it. This isn’t a joke, this is serious. I am not saying drop out of school or don’t go to school, rather, realize that life is a school. Learn about things, go out and find it. It’s guaranteed you will make progress. Just because you didn’t go to school or couldn’t go to school doesn’t mean you’re worthless (there are a lot of “educated” people who might think they themselves, are worthless). Educate yourself continuously.

A lot of “it” is in our heads, when actually, nothing is stopping anyone from learning something new, from reading, learning new trades, writing a book, learning about how to build businesses, meeting people, going to lectures and seminars, even good old googling to pick up something new online. I think there are some concepts that were constructed in our heads that need to be deconstructed, i.e., unlearn what you have learned, to see things in a different light, with intentions to make better progress.

This is a serious issue – to think you just aren’t qualified permanently and to start believing it and feeling it. There are so many opportunities, if you think about it a lot. Even for those who did go to school, it’s pretty clear that when they graduate, there are many things to learn, it’s actually scary. It’s only the beginning. Going to school doesn’t entitle you to anything too much. You still got to have a personality and social skills, where do you get that from?

The point I am trying to make is we are all in the same boat, some appear smarter then others because they probably crunch information better, but even that is situational. You can be good at this, but bad at that. Likewise, that “dumb” kid, might be bad at this, but good at that. How can a human being’s knowledge be quantified anyway? It’s impossible. We don’t even know what we really know. How could we quantify that? Actions happen because they are situational, and I believe that comes from information we have acquired somewhere else previously.

Further, does an IQ test prove you are “smart?” Who’s IQ are you relating to? Life isn’t you vs. them, it’s you vs. yourself. What are your limits? Who cares what other limits exist out there, this isn’t about them, this is about you and your development. Push yourself no doubt, but it’s your self.

Everything is education. You know so much by being human, by being here, by being alive. You can always help yourself because there are so many things that you have acquired and know right now. It’s vital to realize (this is also a process in itself) you can help yourself, you must help yourself. Knowing more is key, not just for knowing more, but for making use of what you know practically. This could mean taking the next step. This could mean using what you know to find work. This could mean deepening what you know for a better position.

Education is built on education. It has infinite levels. Education should open up the channels of our minds, not box us in, into thinking only certain processes or procedures are definitive. Education is like an ocean. Everybody in this world knows something somebody else doesn’t know. The doctor is educated, the lawyer is educated, the accountant is educated (well of course they are, right?), but so is that homeless man on the street, that garbage man, that four year old child, even a new born is educated. If you taught a four year old how to peel a banana, you have educated them. Now they can help themselves. Education means you help yourself; this is all that it means and everybody helps themselves some how, yes we are all educated in our own ways. We all know something.

I believe it is mentally toxic to start classifying people as “educated” and “uneducated.” No one in the world is uneducated. What does that even mean? This is untrue. This is a lie. Rather, the question is how much do YOU really know (right now in this situation) or how ignorant can you be? Let’s be honest here, we all know just a little bit, a degree on a wall is just one little drop of water in the ocean of education. Likewise, if you know a trade, it’s just another drop. You are only educated in what you know, which would mean you are largely “uneducated” in what you don’t know.

Take a Wall Street banker. If this person had to live like a homeless person, could they? Could they save their life on the street if they had to? Perhaps they could, perhaps they couldn’t. What if they really couldn’t? What if someone “uneducated” saved the banker? Is it possible that at any one point in time, someone deemed “lesser” (because they seem to not know too much)
can help someone deemed “higher?” (Because they have been educated).

We are all good at something (or a few things), you can have knowledge about certain domains, but that’s it, there are infinite domains. There’s infinite knowledge. We all know bits of pieces of
knowledge and we apply them accordingly. I think that’s obvious. We all have talents and abilities; it’s a matter of bringing them out and using them as tools, to further us.

“Being educated” formally may make one feel superior, because it may make one think they have been “educated” whereas someone else, who may not have been educated at a formal institution, or had similar training, can be looked down upon. There is a trend out there that says “hey you aren’t educated, you really don’t have too much good to offer.” But is it true? If education truly is infinite, which it is, we all don’t know too much. How can someone be “better” then someone else as a general scale of measure when we all know different things. Being “better” can only be applied to a group of peoples that are directly related to a discipline in terms of abilities.

It is also possible that one may think they are better just because they went to a more reputable school? However, isn’t it what you know and how you use what you know that matters? Going to school isn’t a guarantee you’ll be anything good, it’s how you use your education which determines that. Arguably, education should make one more compassionate, shouldn’t it?

How educated you are really comes down to how effective you could be in every single scenario you encounter. With that type of definition, it puts us all in a precarious position, relying only on what we have learned or instinct (I wonder how that got into us?). If you know what to do, you can do it, and if you don’t know what to do, you probably will not do well.

I believe all of life is mental. I believe it’s about the kind of psychology you have. There are effective people in all places, at all levels of society, in all races, it’s just that it might not always appear that way – it’s a mental performance.

How many times have you met someone who was less “educated” then you, but shook you, that challenged what you knew, that left you with an impression that made you think, but I should know more, I have more education…

There is knowledge to gain in all things that we do. You just know a few things, others know a few things. If you had a degree in accounting, you can say that someone else may not be knowledgeable in what you know, if that is the case, that’s fine, that’s understandable. However, that someone else may be good with their hands. What if they can build things or fix things? What if they are great artistically? What if they are great sales people? This too is a reflection of education; this also leads to achievement. There are many skill sets out there.

Education is a tool. It allows you to help you do things. This is ­all that it does. No one is “uneducated” as a label. People know things in different ways. Bring it out! Build upon it. If you use what you have learned, you will get somewhere and if you want to learn something new, it’s waiting for you.

Education means you help yourself. Now you can help other people.

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2 Responses to “Education means you help yourself…by Asim Hussain”

  1. Thanks. Nice post, very enjoyable to read.

  2. Emilia says:

    Great post! I believe that education is something open to all people in different ways. I feel your ideas. Keep it up!

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