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helping yourself and helping other people™

A powerful and unforgettable experience.

Khadijah goes to School is about Ideas that Matter.  Order Now.

Khadijah goes to School is an ambassador for:

  • Making Ideas social/”present”
  • Society/Human Progress/Social Justice
  • Literacy and Education
  • “Critical” Dialogue/Discussion and “Point of View”
  • Purpose
  • Creative Thought/Critical Thinking/Asking Questions/Deconstruction of Ideas
  • Facing fear (challenging Anxiety)
  • Visual Ideas/Visual Perception
  • Human Potential/”The Self”
  • Diversity (A “Diversity Tool” in Thought and Culture/Inter-faith)
  • Life Skills/Personal Development/Self-Esteem
  • New beginnings
  • Anti-Racism/ Anti-Bigotry/ Anti-Islamic Bigotry/

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Khadijah goes to School is the most artistic book on Human Progress (Social Justice and Self-Development). What is Human Progress? Khadijah goes to School defines it as “Helping yourself and Helping other People™“.

The main intent behind Khadijah goes to School is to promote learning through Dialogue and discovery. Why is Dialogue important? Because you ask questions and learn something new.   It’s that simple.  

The explicitness of the book is meant to create instant conversation and curiosity, hence following a natural way of learning. The book is dressed in a simple easy and artistic way while playing with Ideas that are deep and involved.

This is an IDEAS book for ALL ages.  Children will love this unique item. One of the critical elements of Khadijah goes to School is it addresses fear and looks for resolution, thus making it a “children’s book for adults” in every way as well. Fear is challenged through the development and recognition of Human Potential (personal development).

This is a book of fine details and ideas, starting from the way the book opens, and the content inside.  It’s a concept that can relate to anybody.  It is “A story about You…” [sub-title]  My story?  Yes!  Human Progress is your story, its personal.

How is this Dialogue happening?

1) Self-Reflection through exploring ideas of Human Potential – Life Skills (1st theme: Helping Yourself) with explicit Ideas codified like:  ”Be Yourself, Don’t Underestimate Yourself, Define Yourself, etc.”  Khadijah goes to School is addressing explicit Ideas of personal development that are not so obvious in the school system and in society. It’s codified!  There is no course called “Be Yourself” or “Courage.”  Khadijah goes to School is addressing this gap by presenting Ideas for You to think about/develop and take further in your character and personal journey.

2) Discussions about Contribution to others and Society (2nd theme: Helping other People) can be examined, like: “The blood that flows though your veins is the same blood that flows through my veins.”

Khadijah goes to School is stunningly unique from the way the book opens, the pictures, symbols, poetry, Ideas and characters. It is a book of mystery, history, anti-bigotry, literacy and human victory.

Dialogue is a natural effect.  It works.

Further, there is curiosity on just who the main character is.  The story is told through Khadijah, a young girl with a hijab (head scarf). Khadijah lives in Canada and is anxious about going to school.  She learns from her teacher and other fellow students, i.e. David and Arjun. Khadijah goes to School addresses many rudimentary Ideas of the Self like fear. Fear is the underlying feeling in the story that is confronted through reflection and dialogue.

Excellent Post 9/11 Resource: Cute little Khadijah in Khadijah goes to School is also a resource that has an “Aladdin” feel to it, looking “Middle Eastern” or Semitic. Dialogue between People is critical in a post 9/11 world. The issue is there is not enough material in the public space to sponsor it. Khadijah goes to School is a step in that direction. It serves as an interfaith tool opening up dialogue on Islam and Muslims in society (including The Middle East/South Asia) in a world with Christians, Jews, religions from India and People of the world. It is the most unique book challenging anti-Islamic bigotry. It fosters learning on Islam through art and storytelling in a fun and inviting way.

Regardless of where you are from, Khadijah goes to School is personal, it’s your story. It’s a journey back into “The Self.” The Time is Now…

Khadijah goes to School is a Resource.  Bring it to your classroom, library, organization and family.

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