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Goodwill is easy. 1st ever Neighbourly and Personal gift giving initiative piloted using “Eid” as a grand occasion

ICNA Canada will be the Host for A Toy for You A Toy for Your Neighbour™

Read the CNN iReport Now Designed by: studentasim Program: A Toy for You A Toy for your Neighbour Slogan: Goodwill is easy Purpose: To establish goodwill (A not for profit initiative. All other purposes, email Further: To raise awareness about an occasion, in this case EID. Can be modelled in any faith based community [...]

Khadijah goes to School – About

Khadijah goes to School Book Cover

helping yourself and helping other people™ A powerful and unforgettable experience. Khadijah goes to School is about Ideas that Matter.  Order Now. Khadijah goes to School is an ambassador for: Making Ideas social/”present” Society/Human Progress/Social Justice Literacy and Education “Critical” Dialogue/Discussion and “Point of View” Purpose Creative Thought/Critical Thinking/Asking Questions/Deconstruction of Ideas Facing fear (challenging Anxiety) [...]

studentasim interview on WPFW 89.3 FM


studentasim interview Sept.17, 2012 on WPFW 89.3 FM with Zarinah Shakir in Washington D.C.. FYI, “studentasim” is pronounced “student” “ah” “sim”

Khadijah goes to School – WHY the 9/11 Press Release?

Khadijah goes to School - Why the 9/11 Press Release?

Khadijah goes to School is a Resource.  Order Now. Khadijah goes to School issued a 9/11 Press Release last year on the eve of 9/11. The question is, WHY?