An open letter…err “poem” to Burger King – Timbit (by studentasim)

Open poem to Burger King - Timbit by studentasim

Dear Timbit
You’re now a misfit
So many years
So very delicious
Miss this

When I was a kid
Visiting my auntie
Getting the Timbits!

Corporate America
Can’t win this
First the penny
Now the pack of twenty

Burger King how can you ignore history?
Canadian memories, growing up

You’re a King but lack wisdom
Your advisors are not from this kingdom
You made Timbit the final victim
Get out of this Canadian system!

Loyalty to you?
No loyalty to you
You took away convenience like the drive-thru
I need it all the time
Parties and the grind
Always on time

honey dip, chocolate glazed, fritter and dutchie
How can you take away something so yummy?!

Bin in corporate and takeovers too
Don’t ignore sentiments and feelings fool!
When you’re good to your people
They’ll be good back
And when you kill their Timbit
They’ll be ready to attack
One way or another
Don’t ignore the other

Stop learn and listen
Reconsider your decision
It’s a Canadian invention
People even buy it with their pension!

It’s dear to our heart
Easy to buy
Gives a sweet start
Don’t take it away
Remember these words
Make it stay

Will love you so much
Hail BK, protector of the Timbit!
Now can I have some Timbits with lunch?!

inSINcere – a poem by studentasim

inSINcere - a poem by studentasim

When you have done everything you could have done
To apologize
But are not forgiven…
Can you not see my Sincerity?
One apology
Two apologies
Three apologies
For me
And you
Still can’t YOU SEE my Sincerity?
Am I not there?
Did I not show?
Unlike others
Who wouldn’t have cracked to look back
But NO
I realize the mistake
An error in judgement
I didn’t know better
But not even a silent acknowledgement?
I’m not looking for you to take me back with open arms
Just acknowledge, even silently, my Sincerity
I was forthcoming
It never happened again
It never happened to anyone else
You probably loathe me
I understand
Just realize
I came clean
It’s a milestone
That’s all
I am not the same person
Yet I’m still hostage in your account
Even years later
So who is Insincere
or You?
Times like this tell me one thing
Only God is my witness
And Only God is my judge
I’m not playing the God card
Just looking to be released
Is there no such bargain
Of Sincerity for Forgiveness?
Since you can’t do it
Maybe God can
When you have done everything you could have done
To apologize
But are not forgiven

Can you Close? – A poem by studentasim

Can you Close? a poem by studentasim

You can open

Wounded Soldier – a poem by studentasim

Wounded Soldier - a poem by studentasim

Clear my throat

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Stop - a poem by studentasim

There comes a time in a person’s life when it has to

Little Girl – a poem by studentasim


In solidarity against the Massacre of Gaza July/August 2014

Ineffective – a poem by studentasim

Ineffective - a poem by studentasim

my health
my youth

From Right to Left – Aren’t I Canadian too?

From Right to Left - Aren't I Canadian too?

In light of this recent article, Is Kingston (ON, Canada) racist? I will share a personal experience of trying to get my book “into” the Kingston Public Library.

Kingston Ontario Canada is like a “sacred” city for me because this is my roots in this country. A place where my father first came as a student to do his Masters in 1965 from #Pakistan.

Halls of Power – studentasim

Halls of Power - studentasim

As I stood in the Halls of Power

Process – studentasim

Process - studentasim

Life is your teacher
It was always about Process
As the train leaves
On it is something you own
The difference is a flash of a second
Why do you feel restricted?
Did you get back what was yours?
It could be gone forever
It was always about Process…